Auckland Avenue

by The Venns

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released May 19, 2014



all rights reserved


The Venns Los Angeles, California

The Venns are the brainchild of artists Tyler Davis, Court DaVol, and Jarod Woznik.

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Track Name: Sweatshirt
Remember that old sweatshirt
That you wore most everyday?
Well it's mine now
Can't remember how.
And I always keep it safe.

But even now
It's yours somehow.

I put it on late at night when I think of you
It keeps me warm just the way that you used to.
You're in my head, here in the dark.
So far away, but still in my heart.

I remember that old sweatshirt
That you bought for me that day.
'Cause you stole mine.
Wore it all the time,
And I liked it just that way.

(Court & Ty)
But even now
I'm yours somehow.

It's the thing that I can't ever put away.
Like I still think you're coming back someday.
You're in my head here in the dark.
So far away.
But still in my heart.

If there's one thing (If there's one thing)
I'll remember (I'll remember)
It's the way you wore that...

© The Venns, 2014
Track Name: Three
Hear you whispering in the dark.
If I listen close I can hear your heart beat.
And the moonlight it shines through the window,
A pale, blue glow on the pillow.
And the words that you say
Mean everything.

And I hope
You know
That the last three years are the best I've known
Darling (Ooh, ooh)
With you lying here next to me.

Once or twice it comes on like a tidal wave,
Loving you so fiercely that I can't shake it.
And you pull me in closer to tame it.
As we move back and forth every inch of us fits
And we're beautiful, beautiful, beautiful just this way.

The best I've known, Darling!
(Ooh, ooh)
With you lying here next to me.

Ooh, ooh (4x)

Hear you whispering in the dark.
If I listen close I can hear your heart beat.

© The Venns, 2014
Track Name: Bones
All these thoughts are running through my head.
Memories of you.
Words and hands and lips and late night back road drives.
Sometimes it's all that I can do...

Not to call you on the phone.
Not to beg you to come home.
Not to tell you I've been missing you
Right down into my bones.
My bones.

I have tried my best to just forget.
I hid you deep away.
But everything I see just brings it all right back to me.
And I wish that you had stayed.

But I can't...

But it's so hard
When I feel it.
And I wish you
Could just feel it.
'Cause I put you
In between the lines of every song I write.

But I won't... (soft 1x)
No I won't!
And I won't... (loud 1x)

© The Venns, 2014